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Karl Turnbull Hot 100: Behind every great watch brand is a great watch display company…

HOT 100 trailblazers: Karl Turnbull, managing director at Redd Retail

Behind every great watch brand is a great display company, and for Citizen that company is Redd Retail Group, a British business founded by Karl Turnbull.

Last year Turnbull and his team completed one of their biggest jobs for Citizen, managing teams in the UK and China to create and deliver bespoke LED-lit watch displays to more than 1,700 multiple and independent jewellers. “On time, and on budget,” notes Turnbull, who has created an HQ for Redd in the grounds of his home in rural Leicestershire. “The display roll out has been a great success for Citizen and in turn it has been a major marketing boost for Redd. Success builds success and Redd is now expanding into watch and jewellery markets in the USA, Asia, Europe and even Sweden.”

Karl Turnbull Hot 100: Photo credits WatchPro

A particular focus of this expansion plan is China. “Over the last six months we have been expanding our services and production capabilities into China,” shares Turnbull. “Through active marketing and many sales visits we have managed to secure a great business relationship with Fiyta watches, one of the largest watch groups in Asia, servicing over 2,500 outlets in China alone. Redd China Display Co. is currently manufacturing a completely new international display roll out to help expand the Fiyta brand worldwide.”

Needless to say, Turnbull’s role requires a fair bit of international travel, as well as regular jaunts out of his countryside haven down to London, but he’s definitely happiest at home in his wellies, out walking the dogs.

You would never guess looking at him, but Turnbull is actually a grandfather – “one of the youngest gramps going,” he quips – and having his grandchildren around him is the perfect way to relax. “I’m lucky enough to be in a position where I can watch them enjoy our house and surroundings,” he says. “It’s great to be outside with them creating all sorts of mischief and mayhem. I’m proud of them and the happy life they bring to what is normally a crazy, busy world here at Redd.”

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