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Office pets and the impact on employee well-being

Recently in the media there has been a discussion about whether companies should allow office pets.

With big household names such as Google, Mars Foods, and Pets at Home as examples of organisations supporting office pets, employers are now starting to strike up discussions on Social Media about whether they should allow pets into their working environments.

Office pets are proven to have positive impacts on staff morale,

productivity and emotional well-being

Not only being cute and fun to play with, studies from sources such as the Virginia Commonwealth University and Psychotherapist and Stress Expert, Terri Bodell’s Report in the Guardian concluded that allowing animals into the office has a range of benefits that contribute to employee well-being.

Some of the benefits highlighted were that having a pet in the office can help to reduce the levels of stress and contribute to the emotional well-being of employees, leading to an improvement in employee attendance and improving staff morale; with 55% of the surveyed employees reporting that they would feel more productive with a dog in their office.

Another benefit reported by the study conducted by VCU reported that office pets help to encourage employee interactions that may not have taken place in other situations, based on animals being a common ground that most people find as an easy subject to discuss and stopping to fuss an animal on a colleague’s desk will often lead to interaction.

What do we think? 

Here at Redd, with the health and well-being of our employees at heart, we are keen supporters of having pets in our office.

Karl Turnbull, Director of Redd Retail Group explained: “Having the pets around the studios and offices at Redd not only creates fun and enjoyment, but also reduces stress levels and boosts team spirit!”

So, residing in the rural countryside of our U.K. Head Office, we share our creative space with two friendly Spaniels and a high maintenance cat named Booty.

Fenn and Archie

 Fenn and Archie are our two office dogs that enjoy running around and playing together out in the fields, not forgetting to mention that they regularly help in supervising with tasks they think you may need assistance in, such as the tea round or making your lunch. Fenn also likes to be present in assisting Karl in his meetings.

office pets


 Booty, our office cat likes to visit each Redd team member at least once a day. She enjoys wandering along the desks, stopping for fuss from each person, then moving on to the next person or department. Booty, who doesn’t like to see her colleagues getting stressed, will often encourage us to have a quick break by sitting on our paperwork, in front of our computer screens or resting on our keyboards and her favourite spot is in the creative department on the drawing table, watching Richard doing his hand sketches.


office pets


Not forgetting Washington, our cat that lives outside and occasionally ventures into the barn… he prefers the peace and quiet of the countryside and isn’t too keen on coming into the office but he will make an exception when there’s some Mackerel on offer; and Rebecca’s two horses that live on the office grounds and occasionally greet you in the morning by coming up to the gate to see what’s going on.

Well behaved and extremely friendly, our four legged friends create a positive atmosphere and bring vibrancy to our offices, often making visitors trips memorable and fun.