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Creative Design: The streets of New York

Inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places, whether it be on a piece of scrap paper you see on the floor or a quote scribbled in sharpie in a service station cubicle.

Like many cities in the world, New York is colourful, busy, crowded and like Paris, Milan, and London, one of the design capitals of the world.

Drawing creatives from all states and parts of the world, New York is home to Broadway, Fashion, TV, and restaurants that bring an international flavour to the city.

When Redd decided to expand into the US, the goal was to position ourselves in a part of the States that replicated the foundations of our company; design, creativity, and flair… Which is why we chose New York.

As a retail design company, it’s important that we are constantly inspiring and refreshing our creative minds; so we sent our American branch out onto the streets of New York to do some creative research on fixtures and designs around the city… Here are some of our favourites:

The Alamo Square Sculpture – St. Mark’s Place

Alamo Square Sculpture, New York

Situated in St. Mark’s Place in Manhattan, the Alamo Sculpture; also known as the Astor Place Cube was installed in 1967 as part of “Sculpture and Environment” which was organised by the New York Department of Cultural Affairs.

The giant sculpture, which is made of Cor-Ten steel weighs an impressive 820kg and rotates around a hidden pole in the center; which has since encouraged friends and strangers to bond, as the heavy installation requires more than one person to move.

Metronome – Union Square

Metronome, New York

The Metronome was installed in 1999 by Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel and was named as one of the largest private commissions of public art after receiving $4.2 million in funding to complete the project.

Also known as the ‘world’s most confusing clock, Metronome is made out of multiple sections and shapes, and the installation includes a circular void that puffs out white steam throughout the day to symbolize noon and midnight. Towards the top of the installation is a protruding bronze hand which was designed to be an accurate enlargement of the George Washington statue in Union Square park which is directly below, slightly hard to see, the hand is usually missed by passersby.

We’re firm believers in that excellence is in the details; so, we enjoyed looking for the less obvious features of the installation.

Gucci Art Wall – SoHo

Gucci Building, Soho New York

The Gucci Art Wall is a graffiti style mural on the side of their Soho building. ‘What are you going to do with all this future?’ is one of the iconic slogans from the luxury brands collaboration with Spanish artist CoCo Captain on their 2017 capsule collection.

The artistic signature was hand written by Coco on various items from the launch of the collection during Milan Fashion Week and then replicated onto Gucci buildings. The first art wall was placed on the Gucci hub in Milan and said ‘Common sense is not that common.’, then a few weeks later the brand moved onto the wall of their Soho building; as they begin to cover all of their locations, one building at a time.