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Timex Beat Event – London

On Thursday 28th September, Redd Retail Group completed the manufacture and installation of the Timex Beat Event which offered a sneak peek of the brands SS18 40th Anniversary Easy Reader Collection.

The invitation-only night was held at one of London’s top art and music venues, Beat nightclub, formerly known as the Speakeasy Club, which has been home to musical icons including Jimmy Hendrix, Bowie, and the Sex Pistols.

Timex Beat Event in London

Tracey Welch Photography

On arrival, guests were led down the stairs which were lined with black fabric Timex wall coverings and digitally printed panels, an unusual change from the venues usual graffiti decor. Also at the bottom of the stairwell was a vertical TV screen that featured a preformatted graphics loop.

The main area of the venue was entered from behind large black curtains that included branded #Timex panels and graphics of the chosen timepieces, all adding to the theatre.

Featured at the event were eight white counter units that housed pieces of the brand’s newest collection, presented in subtle ‘open to touch’ displays and positioned in front of double-sided hanging fabric Timex graphics that were held in place by steampunk style pipework and lit by a total of ten free-standing theatre lights on tripods.

Display units created for the Timex Beat Event

Tracey Welch Photography

Also on display were three podiums, two of which promoted the brand’s newest innovation, the Fairfield Contactless – the product of a partnership between Timex and Barclaycard that enables contactless payments through the strap of the watch.

The single timepiece was discreetly secured onto the top of the podium and was accompanied by a small acrylic information plaque.

Images from the Timex Beat Event

Tracey Welch Photography

The final elements to complete the event consisted of a range of foamex and fabric graphics used to dress the venues DJ booth and neon-lit walls, and also included a personalisation table which featured an illuminated magnifying glass, a flat worktop with locations for tools and small components, a touchscreen design area and a space for feeler samples.

The personalisation area was designed to allow guests to be able to create their own unique watch through professional engraving.

As well as completing the Timex Beat Event, Redd also worked with the brand to complete the displays for their AW17 Heritage Collection PR event.