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Storytelling through creative design

Every brand has a story to tell, whether it’s the story of what inspired their founders to create the brand or the values that they share with their audience.

We hear stories in our everyday lives and we are naturally drawn to them; even before the spoken language, our ancestors told visual stories through drawings. By capturing the imagination of the consumers, storytelling allows brands to create intimate relationships by evoking emotion and creating memorable experiences.

Offering authenticity, storytelling through creative design humanizes the brand, enabling their audiences to trust them.


Sailing inspired watch brand, Spinnaker, pays tribute to the world and lifestyle of Yachting, with their timepieces being wearable on land and sea.

The brand name, Spinnaker, originates from the asymmetric spinnaker sail used when sailing downwind.

Designed for BaselWorld 2017, we created the Spinnaker environment to simulate the nautical look and feel of the brand, using white satin finished walls and wooden flooring, the design also incorporated nautical props including a hemp rope and cleat, sailing flags and aluminium Spinnaker logos.

Spinnaker brand corner at BaselWorld 2017

Henry London

Born in the streets of Notting Hill, Henry London watches focus on their English heritage.

Originally inspired by a watch found by a designer in the iconic Portobello Road market, the brand created a mid-sixties style timepiece that was also still stylish and modern.

Each collection was named after tube lines throughout the city, including Piccadilly, Stratford, and Holborn and incorporated the tube into their design by having their watches displayed on the wrists of tube passengers.

The Henry London concept store in the Trafford Centre was also designed to channel the brands love for London, using iron railings and large white street signs to replicate a typical London street.

Finally, as a testament to the original engraved watch that inspired the designers, Henry London offers personalisation on each timepiece, so the store was equipped with a complete personalisation station.


Henry London concept store, Trafford Centre




Wooden watch brand JORD’s story focuses on the sustainability of their watches.

Curated by a variety of artists, their watches are made out of different types of raw wood that is modeled after modern lifestyle.

Each type of wood can be found on their website with the location it was sourced from, the grain, and how sustainable it is.

Utilising Red Cedar wood platforms, stone leatherette cushions, and natural Hessian pillows, we wanted to reflect their use of raw materials when we designed their beautiful in-case display.

JORD sustainable watch display