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Lacoste SS19 Collection Press Launch, Shoreditch

On Thursday 15th November, Redd worked with Pentland Brands to showcase the Lacoste SS19 collection at an exclusive location in Shoreditch.

Held at what was once the original ticket hall of Shoreditch Station, Kachette is an iconic venue well-known for the unique curved walls created out of restored railway arches.


Redd worked with the brand to create a ‘secret garden’ inspired theme, complete with grass dressed bars, traditional umpires’ chairs, a tennis ball bench, and large illuminated 3D Lacoste logos.

As guests made their way into the first area of the venue, they were met with an unusual ceiling installation constructed out of twinkling grass and suspended tennis balls.


Other features of Arch 1 included large canvas prints which invited guests to explore the brands heritage. A virtual reality station and twinkling grass podiums displayed the new collections.

Arch 2 also incorporated the secret garden theme with sparkling grass walls and iconic Lacoste logos, this room also featured a large hand-laid floor graphic which was designed to replicate a clay tennis court.


Further into the venue, was a large graphic of the famous Lacoste crocodile secured with rustic pipework and positioned behind the stage, where later that evening Rudimental gave a fantastic performance.

The iconic curves were dressed in priceless heritage framed photographs sourced from the Lacoste archives, with a large print of French tennis player René Lacoste (nicknamed “The Crocodile”) positioned proudly in ‘The Join’ between both rooms.

Redd Retail Group is proud to have worked with Pentland Brands to design, manufacture, and install all of the furniture, graphics and props for the Lacoste press event.